Understanding the process of e-liquid blending will give you the best chance of blending a ‘special brew’- knowledge is power when it comes to choosing your flavours and combining then to produce your world beater. This is why we offer flavour and tasting consultations during the blending stages and constant support during development.

  • No time constraints
  • Use our knowledge of current trends both in the UK and the USA
  • Understanding flavour combinations
  • Sample Testing
  • Taste test group sessions with test subjects to get ‘real world’ feedback


We have developed loads of flavours!! During this process we were often been asked for a standard flavour spread… SO we developed our ‘top 40 favourite flavours list’. These are our stock flavours which we can bottled in your branded packaging (ideal for mass market and FMCG environments).

This is not to be confused for our premium client driven own brands-the development time, flavour mixes, premium PG:VG ratio produces quite a different product!! It takes a lot of development to mix that special brew… and design, develop and deliver the finished result.

Our ‘top 40 favourite flavours list’ is targeted at thewholesalers and discount retailers where price is paramount. We are delighted how ‘top 40 favourite flavours list’ e-liquid has been readily adopted by wholesalers and discount retailers.

All of our e-liquids manufactured at the Great British Vape Company leave our premises batch coded. These batch codes are either supplier relevant or Great British Vape Company relevant but will always have traceability back to manufacture date and batch. Regardless of the batch codes assigned to our suppliers we can always say when, where and who created the bottle- so your customers can be reassured of full accountability in the production process. We keep batch samples for up to seven years for your protection and ours!