A recent study of internet marketing found that 10 new e-liquid/e-juice brandsand around 240 new flavours were being introduced each month [www.theguardian.com].In a busy and competitive market space- stand out in the crowd! By working with our teams of internal designers in both the UK & USA we help you bring a product to market with quality ingredients, batch and quality control,consistency of manufacture and all TDP compliant! This will free you up to concentrate on your greatest asset- your happy, expanding client base..your success is our business.

A strong brand is half the battle won and we will deliver the rest by aiding you to create a premium e-liquid with highest quality flavours so your brand will not be lost through inconsistency and quality issues: The problem, as ASH notes, is that “current, unlicensed,products on the market vary widely in their levels of quality and effectiveness”. When tested by the MHRA, some products contained levels of nicotine that did not match the amount stated on their label.[www.the guardian.com].

The Great British Vape Company have a unique perspective on the US e-juice market and have exclusive UK manufacturing rights for 6 brands (and expanding!). We are also blending and branding for several different companies in the UK & EU.


We can offer a complete end-to end solution for your e-liquid company! Please contact us for a pricing proposal- or better still- come and visit!