The Tobacco Products Directive (TPD) Article 20 came into force during May 2017. Great
uncertainty surrounds the future regulations and they are still not fully defined.

But… whilst we believe that changes to Article 20 will be removed or highly modified(and a new set
of regulations restructured specifically for e-liquids and associated hardware) we will move with
current guidelines to ensure that we deliver to you our customers an uninterrupted and compliant
supply of products. Remember- your success is our business!


We are always researching new flavours, processes and industry methods. This remains at the forefront for our core business and company ethos. The Great British Vape Company maintains the highest level of service and accountability to our customers.

This is a young dynamic and constantly evolving industry and we are not one for sitting on our laurels! Development is an everyday process and we encourage our flavourists to evolve with market changes. Whatever the flavour demands from your customers we at the Great British Vape Company will ensure we will be able to develop premium market relevant flavours for your business.

Different flavours benefit from varying Propylene Glyco(PG) and Vegetable Glycerin (VG)ratios. We love researching every combination of PG:VGpercentage ratios to ensure we give you the very best base for blending your concentrates.We also test differing vegetables for our glycerine to give you the most superb flavour(s).

Diagnostics and Titration are cornerstones in ensuring the products we produce are of the very highest standards. We constantly consult with leading manufacturers to ensure that are cutting edge when it comes to the constant implementation and updating of quality control.

Heavy investment in Q1 and Q3 of 2016 ensured we exceed the demands for the application of EU/TDP legislation. The Great British Vape Company Ltd will continue to invest further in additional automated filling lines, warehousing, and expansion of compliance and testing facilities.